Thursday, February 18, 2010


I haven't watched Dr. Tran in forever. The Roybertito's is hilarious.

I showed you the drunkest guy ever.

We played on chatroulette, which has been quite entertaining. We definitely need to starting taping our encounters. Especially the ones with people reacting to me with your voice. I randomly chatted with Paris Hilton, which you didn't believe at first.

It's been an interesting few weeks. I keep meaning to update, but again it's hard to do this with how much time we spend together. Not that I'm complaining.

So we have stopped drinking at home. And it has been difficult to say the least. I try not to say much, but there was a little while that I was struggling. Thanks so much for being supportive, it means everything to me.

It was our first Valentines Day together, and we took the fun bus to Wendover on Friday. I had so much fun! We drank, and drank. You won two dollars on bingo on the way up, and we indulged in some cheap vodka. We both listened to Sun-eyed Girl by Beck on my iPod. We speed walked to the liquor store to get some jager since we accidentally paid 20 dollars for two drinks when we first got there. I think that was my favorite part of the night. I really love holding hands and walking with you. I'm really upset that we didn't get any pictures. But I will definitely remember the night.

On Valentines Day I wanted to post something on here for you, since I wasn't able to do anything special for you. (I am planning on doing something awesome for you when I finally get some money). But we spent the entire day together, just relaxing. It was definitely nice. So here it is, in all it's cheesy glory for you my love!

10 Reasons I Love My Mister:

- Your excited smile. I can't help but smile with you.

- I love that you challenge my ideas and opinions.

- You are incredibly smart and well spoken. I want to lick your brain.

- You go out of your way to make me happy in small ways. It usually involves indulging my obsession with spaghetti.

- I am in love with your sense of humor. You make me laugh everyday.

- That little dimple in the middle of your chin.

- I love our nightly trips to the grocery store. We both have a love of food, even though it usually is pretty bad food. Mmmm...chicken wings, and nachos, and mashed potato's.

- You don't mind reminding me how to get places, even though we've been to said places a million times. You are super patient babe.

- You are a great cook...yeah, this is nice.

- This list is not long enough. I love everything about you. You are the best Vinny ever. I can't think of anyone who has made me happier.

<3 Happy Valentines Mister