Thursday, December 9, 2010

Conversations Remembered II

So, there is this thing on facebook that shows your year in posts. And all my posts were boring, so it gave an option to choose which ones you want. Meaning it showed every single post from the entire year. And so I'm reading through them and see a few Conversations Remembered that I didn't post here. I need to start these again.

Conversations Remembered - *after opening a can of Pringles* Vin: 'I read an interesting thing about Pringles a while ago. I can't remember where I read it. But apparently once you pop, the fun don't stop. They were right, cause I'm having a blast right now.'

Conversations Remembered - Vin: 'Let me tell you something about Giant Sandwich. Giant Sandwich don't take shit from no one. Giant Sandwich does what Giant Sandwich needs to do to get by.'

Conversations Remembered - Vin: 'Aww man, I'm out of fry sauce.' Me: 'I don't have pants on.' Vin: 'Aww man, I'm out of pants.' *Me looking at him in his pants* Vin: 'Aww man, my legs turned plaid.'

Conversations Remembered - *Vin looking at the small amount of vodka we have left* Vin - 'What are we going to tell the kids? How are we supposed to get the kids drunk...with THIS?' *Looks at me with concern*

Conversations Rememered -It's my turn! *Vin after playing and losing at a farting game* Me -'How does it feel to be a failure at farting? Farting is a always a success and you just failed.' Vin - 'Be quiet Teisha.'