Thursday, April 15, 2010

Conversations Remembered

So I wanted to compile these, so it's easier for us to find them. And I will update when we get another group. You are quite the witty mister.

Conversations Remembered - Vin tells me that he is nicer to me than any girlfriend he's had. I ask why. He says: 'You know how how you're nicer to people with down syndrome, cause you know they have had it hard in enough in life?'

Conversations Remembered - Me: 'You always want 50 chicken soft tacos when you're drunk.' Vin: 'You know Teisha, I love you to death, but you are such a racist. Just because I want 50 chicken soft tacos, doesn't make me black.' Me: 'I said drunk.' Vin: 'Oh.'

Conversations Remembered - Vin: 'Teisha! Listen to me like you've never listened to me before. I come from the future. It is imperative that I put my hand in your armpit, or all humanity will be lost. Police beat puppies in the street. Hitler has been resurrected. He works at Starbucks, he's kind of an asshole. I hate going to that Starbucks. I drink coffee in the future.'

Conversations Remembered - Vin: 'I love foot...foot...what's the name of that store? The one with the referee shirts. Shoe story...I love Toy Story.'

Conversations Remembered - In response to watching this video. Vin: 'See, that's why that dude from Holland put his finger in a lesbian.' Me: 'Wait...what?' Vin: 'Yeah, that's why he put his finger in a lesbian chick, to keep Holland from getting killed by water. That's why they wear wooden shoes.'

Conversations Remembered - Vin: 'A lot of people say why to a boob slap, I say why not? A lot of people say why ask why, drink Bud Dry. I say that's stupid, you're fucking retarded.'

Conversations Remembered - Me: 'I would totally watch a Timon and Pumba movie. They were the best part.' Vin: 'They did make a Timon and Pumba movie. It was called Timon and Pumba: Together at last. I loved that porn. He crawled up in that flatulant warthogs ass...and crawled around.'

Conversations Remembered - Vin: 'Don't bite! You poo monster!' Me: 'I am not a poo monster.' Vin: 'Well, I just think we're going to have to agree to disagree.'

Conversations Remembered - Vin: 'So I'm running for mayor.' Me: 'You're running for mayor?' Vin: 'Yeah.' Me: 'Well, good luck.' Vin: 'Thanks.....Do you know how to run for mayor by the way?'

Conversations Remembered - Vin: 'I think it's a bad rule to tell your kids not to run with scissors.' Me: 'Oh really?' Vin: 'Yeah, how are kids expected to learn anything unless they stab themselves repeatedly in the head?'

Conversations Remembered - Vin: 'You've never seen a dog jerk off before?' Me: 'No... opposable thumbs.' Vin: 'Oh, same reason I can't eat soup.'

Conversations Remembered - Vin: 'You know what this steak reminds me of?... My motorcycle. They both have wheels... except for the steak... my motorcycle has wheels though. Did I mention I have a motorcycle?'

Conversations Remembered - *Vin has a habit of trying to play my lips like a brass instrument* Vin: 'Wait, I have to do this. I want to play your lips like a trombone!! Like William T. Ryker. I really need the practice...please?'

Conversations Remembered - Vin: ' So a rope walks into a bar, and the bartender says 'We don't serve your kind here!' Cause the sign says no rope... Anyway, so the rope goes out to the back of the bar and frays out his ends and ties himself in a knot. And he walks back into the bar, and the bartender says, 'Hey didn't I tell you we don't serve your kind here?' And the rope says 'I'm a frayed knot.' ...Cause the rope went outside and frayed himself...and tied himself into a knot.' *followed by look of approval*

Conversations Remembered - *At the drive-thru at McDonalds* Vin: 'Can I get a number 14?' McDonalds: 'No, only breakfast.' Vin: 'What? Only grandpa's?' McDonalds: 'NO, only breakfast!' Vin: 'Only Springtime?' McDonalds: 'ONLY BREAKFAST!! Me: 'Ooooohhh, only breakfast, okay thank you.' Vin: 'Okay, fuck you.'

Conversations Remembered - *watching Animal House* Me: ‘Oh man, she’s taking off her slip. You know what that means.’ Vin: ‘It’s a bustle.’
(After posting this, Vin comes to me and says "Okay, there is a really manly reason I know it's a bustle. On Tombstone, when Val Kilmer goes up to hug his crackhead girlfriend, he says 'Ohh, you're not wearing a bustle.' That's how I know that word")

Unfortunately, I lost my camera :( And all of my pictures were on the card. So I will post an oldie, but a goodie. Our first decent picture together at the Mustache Party. I am missing my long hair. We are such a hot couple.